Rose Flower Valentine Day's Gift

♥ The most beautiful Thing in the World is "Friendship & Love Lasts Forever"

♥ Celebrate Valentines day to express love and affection.

Celebrate Valentine's day with Valentine's Day Special Cards

In Your Life,
I am ready to become a Lamp
and give light of Hope & Love to Your Life forever...

I want to become a Twinkling Star of Your Life's Sky.

Valentine Days Cute SMS & Messages

  • Our Candle of friendship needs oil of love for lighting our Hearts.
  • My Love is as Deep as of Ocean, as Caring & pure as Sky.
  • Your Dreams make presence in my life, leading to smile & Happiness in my Life

Love Greetings SMS & Valentine's Day SMS

True Love is Happens Only Once in a Life Time!
You Love is Like a Candle light in Darkness.

Valentine's Day Greetings

I Live only in Home,
My Home is in Your Heart!
Our Love is Long Lasting..
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Makar Sankrant Greetings & SMS

May this Makar Sankrant brings rays of Joy & Happiness in your Life.

I Wish, Your Dreams, your hopes, and your plans
come True on this Auspicious Occasion of Makar Sankranti.

Ganapati Bappa Morya

Ganapathi Bappa Morya.
The festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated with lot of Joy and Bhakti (worship).
I have Drawn small but Beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha!

Free Designs for Happy New Year 2011 Greetings

I wish to God, in this New Year May all your Dreams come true!

In this New Year May God give you Long lasting Smile (which I like) that never fades.

Good Looking,Charming!!!
God please give all these qualities to my Dear (...)
As a new year Gift.

God please give Only Joys to Surround him/her
Wish you a
Prosperous..Healthy ..Wealthy..delightful

I wish in this New Year Happiness should Remain Forever in your Life

A little Smile makes a perfect moment.

I wish God to share the goodness in your Heart that shall Remain Forever!